Pure and strong lines that offer a significant space for the material to vibrate!


Audrey Zanin is strongly inspired by the famous french painter Pierre Soulages, who’s playing with recurring waves of his paint and the subsequent light reflection it gives to the eye. Indeed the vibration is the main inspiration of EFFETS SONORES’s designs : materials, colors, motives, fabric’s weft are vibrating and evocating sounds, harmonies, music.

The evocation of the uniform codes and their chic reversal are also part of her inspiration. The lines are pure and leave a space of expression to the materials. The virile evocation of the uniform is associated to a specific choice of high-level and contemporary materials which is adapting this kind of military spirit to a sharp urban style. A mix of strength and softness.

Playful, versatile (can be worn in many different ways with integrated magnets), with a refined design, our pieces of clothing highlight the masculine body lines and lead to gestures to wear them that can be associated to a warrior ritual.

EFFETS SONORES’s designs combine quality textiles, innovative designs and traditional craftsmanship to set your charisma out to the world.